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Pilates Flow North Wales

Pilates Flow North Wales was created on foundations of Body Art Science International (BASIĀ®) – it is true to the Art of the Body movements, true to Science following the latest research, while true to the original principles of Pilates workout.

I offer general Pilates classes as well as sessions tailored to athletes’ needs. All sessions offer a selection of varying movements in different ranges of motion and intensity. All follow a similar structure and maintain the flow and full body integration workout, while focusing on different muscle groups and raising awareness of their function during a particular sport. Sessions can be tailored depending on customers goals and objectives.Sessions include:

  • Gentle Endurance Pilates
  • Pilates for beginners

OR clients who want to focus more on movements trough their bodies and less on physical or muscular challenge.

  • Strong Endurance Pilates
  • Pilates for intermediate/advance

OR clients wanting a physical challenge

Specific classes include:

  • Pilates for TRIATHLETES
  • Pilates workout targeting muscles groups and ranges of movement, which are particularly important during swimming, cycling and running.
  • Pilates on Foam Roller
  • Pilates workout with a foam roller.

This is a full body integration workout. Additionally, I am happy to accommodate for these specific workouts:

MTB Pilates

  • Pilates workout tailored for mountain bikers

KITE Pilates

  • Pilates workout tailored for kitesurfers

RUN Pilates

  • Pilates workout tailored for runners

FEET Pilates

  • Pilates workout for your feet and ankles

CLIMB Pilates

  • Pilates workout tailored for climbers

SUP/SURF Pilates

  • Pilates workout tailored for surfers and lovers of SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board)