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The Mind Tutor

My Approach to Hypnosis is very direct where I treat the person sat in front of me, with my individual and very unique technique. I use a content free hypnosis technique, there is no need to revisit your past issues, or to relive past trauma, or to divulge anything you are not comfortable to talk about. I work directly with you’re subconscious and get it to let to release anything it needs to in order to heal.

I help people to access the power of their own mind, in a very natural way, through using these techniques and negotiate with your very powerful imagination and subconscious, where really ‘if you can see it you can be it!’

I want my clients to leave their sessions to know that something fundamental has changed during the session and that those perfect positive lifestyle changes they have been seeking are now possible, and that they leave behind those negative thoughts feelings and emotions that have been holding them back, and can now move forward to a more positive future.

How I can help:

Although stress and anxiety can be related to specific problems like pressures, relationships, or work, sometimes it just feels like life in general, where the wonderful relaxation of hypnotherapy allows people to switch off for a moments rest, better than meditation and sleep, where I also work in a way to help people to balance life, to prevent feeling overwhelmed, or work with underlying fears, or relationship issues.

People often come to see me to get rid of the negative in life, they may be in physical or emotional pain, maybe because they have a fear or phobia, where any fear or phobia can be helped, or to kick a bad habit, such as nail biting, smoking or addictions. I provide an all- round support plan to help people battle weight loss, where we can look at learnt past patterns, healthy goals and identifying bad habits.

Getting started:

The therapy I offer is highly effective in enabling people to reach their goals, to overcome difficulties, or process past traumas. I work with people who even think change is not possible for them, with long- standing habits, who are shocked at the power of their own mind!! You can expect a warm, supportive and non- judgemental session, and I uphold the highest level of confidentiality possible.