How LED Light Therapy Can Improve Your Skin

It’s been referred to as the one of the most beneficial treatments that the beauty industry has seen in a long time and has rapidly become a favourite of celebrities such as Katy Perry, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba and Kourtney Kardashian to name a few, who’ve all posted images of themselves on their social media platforms wearing the latest beauty accessory, also known as an ‘LED Light Therapy Mask’. But what’s so special about the treatment and why do leading skincare aestheticians and beauty therapists believe that this sudden craze is here to stay?

What is LED Light Therapy

LED Light therapy, also known as colour light therapy or Phototherapy in the medical world, is a technology which has been around for many years. If you cast your minds back to those weekly physics lesson at school, you may just remember that rather important inventor known as Albert Einstein who founded the theory of light. Well fast forward in time and NASA Space Station have spent years carrying out extensive research into the subject and were the first to use light therapy for wound healing, which started the medical world took great interest in, using light therapy to treat specific conditions such as severe cases of Eczema and to speed up tissue healing.

Our bodies are a complex ecosystem in their own right and have the ability to absorb certain wavelengths and spectrums of light. For years it’s been known that light can enhance our brain activity in memory related regions, address depression and aid our sleep cycle, however research into the use of it on the skin have highlighted the results it can have when working to combat a range of conditions from acne to cellular imbalances, inflammation and dull lack lustre skin.

How does an LED Mask work?

When using an LED (light emitting diode) mask, handheld device or canopy, a series of UV-free wavelengths are released directly onto the epidermis, which are then penetrated into the skin at various depths. The light spectrums provide energy to our cells, due to it being converted into intracellular energy, which speeds up the healing process, whilst eliminating bacteria and decreasing pore size.

As our skin absorbs light from the mask, blood flow to the area increases, which when combined with the healing process triggers the production of collagen and elastin, which begin to decrease as we age.

What are the benefits of each light spectrum?

Each light spectrum offers a series of unique benefits. Whilst some masks and devices will combine two colours together for dual activity, others prefer to offer up to 6 individual spectrums to enable your therapist to carry out a tailor made treatment plan, which we’d personally recommend.

Red light therapy increases collagen and elastin production as the body’s natural healing process is stimulated. This light not only enhances ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) production, but also supports cellular renewal. Red light is predominantly used to improve circulation and blood flow, targeting fine lines and wrinkles whilst increasing hydration and removing unwanted waste materials from the skin’s surface.

Blue light therapy is used to effectively treat acne, as it destroys p. acne bacteria (propionibacterium Acnes). This modality purifies the skin whilst calming redness, minimising irritation and regulating sebum production.

Yellow light therapy improves the exchange of oxygen in the cells, promotes lymphatic drainage, reduces toxin inflammation and stimulates the sensory motor nervous system. This modality is often used to target redness and ultraviolet damage, whilst decreasing the appearance of blood vessels.

White light therapy is used to speed up metabolism and also address Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) syndrome.

With such a diverse range of benefits achievable from this treatment, we offer it as either a 30 minute stand-alone modality to target acne and rejuvenate the skin, or incorporated with our advanced medi-aesthetics treatments to immediately reduce  redness and inflammation, whilst encouraging the healing process and cellular regeneration.

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